PiHole - One Week On

So I installed and started to utilise PiHole on my home network about a week ago, I documented the install process in a blog post here. I have now stopped using PiHole and have returned back to using plain DNS.

I think that possibly in the future I will return to using PiHole, the main issue I had is PiHole requiring some customisation to suit my needs and me not being able to justify spending my time making these amendments. The first issue I had was that YouTube videos showed a grey screen instead of the advert that would normally play so you would still have to wait about 10 seconds for the video to play while watching a grey screen - I think I would rather sit and watch the advert! I already had a YouTube ad blocker installed before PiHole so it just made things worse. On top of this I still saw YouTube adverts when watching YouTube on Chromecast.

Secondly I had a weird issue with my Xbox One where achievements wouldn't unlock, I had this issue for a few days until I suspected that PiHole could be causing the issue...I was correct, as soon as I turned off PiHole my achievements started to pop again.

Another thing that bugged me, although probably expected behaviour was that when doing a Google search you would still see sponsored ads however when you clicked on them you was given an error, as the DNS was being blocked for the domain Google uses for ad redirection, I actual find sponsored posts quite useful when I know what site I want to visit.

In conclusion PiHole has the capability to white-list certain domains via it's GUI, this would of fixed my Xbox issue, I saw a couple of lists online which showed domains I should white-list however with seeing two fairly major issues with the platform and it's default blacklist I wondered how sustainable it would be to keep the white-list up to date. I need to do some research to see if the default white-list is automatically updated from an online source as this would make the solution more sustainable especially if there are more reliable third party sources available.